İskele Restaurant

1909 • Mimarsinan • Büyükçekmece • İstanbul

Our business, which started operating in 1909, was founded by T.C. It continues to serve in the building which is the 2nd Group Registered Artifact (Construction Date: 1909 - Restoration Date: 2012) of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul No. 1 Regional Directorate for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Iskele Restaurant, the first and only restaurant with ISO 22000 Certificate in our region, continues to offer the tastes identified with its name in its historical building, which has been restored in accordance with its originality.

We were guests of the program called We Travel with Seda, broadcast on Halk TV. We made a great interview about our historical building where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had coffee in its garden.

Our brand, which has been the best fish restaurant in its region since 1909, has been registered by TPI and official actions have been initiated against those who use it.